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Blackbeard could be hiding out at The Blackbeard Shop.

The number of places Blackbeard was reported to be seen makes him the, "Washington slept here." of the pirate's world. His known hideouts cover almost as wide an area, from Philadelphia to the Carolinas, to the Caribbean. Much has been written about him having settled for a time in Bath, NC, when it was the colonial capital. The Albemarle Sound provided him easy access to Topsail Inlet and the Ocracoke area.

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A Blackbeard hideout in the Caribbean or West Indies:
Blackbeard's Castle, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Port Royal, Jamaica
New Providence, Bahamas

Blackbeard's Hideouts in America:
The Carolina Coast
New England
The Blackbeard Shop, Blackbeard's hideout, Blackbeard Hideout

Blackbeard's Hideout, Blackbeard Hideout

Blackbeard's Hangout- Teach's Hole / Blackbeard's Hideout Restaurant, St George's, Bermuda