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Probably no pirate loved the 'tools of the trade' more than Blackbeard. When he was in battle dress, he would carry three braces (pairs) of cocked-and-primed pistols strapped across his chest and more at his sides.

blackbeard's weapons, blackbeard's sword swings, blackbeard weaponsAs was the case for other pirates, one blade was not enough. Several other swords, daggers, and etc. would be fastened in convenient places on the body. The king of pirates was known not only for his skill with the cutlass but his style; he would swing his blade back and forth across the body in a windmill fashion. This technique was not only fear-inspiring, it was nearly impossible to overcome with swordplay. When it came to cannon, he obviously believed that more was better. When Benjamin Hornigold handed over the "Concorde" to him, one of the first things he did for his new "Queen Anne's Revenge" was to double the number of cannons to around forty!

"Lieutenant Maynard, as he called out the order, ran forward through the smoke, snatching one of his pistols out of his pocket and the cutlass out of its sheath as he did so. Behind him the men were coming, swarming up from below. There was a sudden stunning report of a pistol, and then another and another, almost together. There was a groan and the fall of a heavy body, and then a figure came jumping over the rail, with two or three more directly following. The lieutenant was in the midst of the gun powder smoke, when suddenly Blackbeard was before him. The pirate captain had stripped himself naked to the waist. His shaggy black hair was falling over his eyes, and he looked like a demon fresh from the pit, with his frantic face. Almost with the blindness of instinct the lieutenant thrust out his pistol, firing it as he did so. The pirate staggered back: he was down-no; he was up again. He had a pistol in each hand; but there was a stream of blood running down his naked ribs. Blackbeard Weapons, blackbeard's swordSuddenly, the mouth of a pistol was pointing straight at the lieutenant's head. He ducked instinctively, striking upward with his cutlass as he did so. There was a stunning, deafening report almost in his ear. He struck again blindly with his cutlass. He saw the flash of a sword and flung up his guard almost instinctively, meeting the crash of the descending blade. Somebody shot from behind him, and at the same moment he saw some one else strike the pirate. Blackbeard staggered again, and this time there was a great gash upon his neck. Then one of Maynard's own men tumbled headlong upon him. He fell with the man, but almost instantly he had scrambled to his feet again, and as he did so he saw that the pirate sloop had drifted a little away from them, and that their grappling irons had evidently parted. His hand was smarting as though struck with the lash of a whip. He looked around him; the pirate captain was nowhere to be seen-yes, there he was, lying by the rail. He raised himself upon his elbow, and the lieutenant saw that he was trying to point a pistol at him, with an arm that wavered and swayed blindly, the pistol nearly falling from his fingers. Suddenly his other elbow gave way and he fell down upon his face. He tried to raise himself-he fell down again. There was a report and a cloud of smoke, and when it cleared away Blackbeard had staggered up again. He was a terrible figure his head nodding down upon his breast. Somebody shot again, and then the swaying figure toppled and fell. It lay still for a moment-then rolled over-then lay still again."
from Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates