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If you want to link to our website, here's how to do it:
(You can either link with a graphic or add a text link shown below).

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To add a graphic link to Blackbeard's Realm -

1. Simply right click on the image above then click on "Save Picture as..." / "Save image as..." and save it in your "My Pictures" folder or Desktop or somewhere easy to remember and find.

2. Then copy and paste the HTML text below onto your web page.

>>>Important: Replace the words "C:\My Documents\My Pictures\image1.gif" with the location of the graphic you saved in your "My Pictures" folder or wherever you chose on your web server.

>>>Remember to upload the link and graphic to your website folder(s) and check for proper working link.

To add a text link to Blackbeard's Realm

Instead of using the above graphic, copy the HTML text below and paste in on your web site.

Here's what the text link will look like on your site:

Sail to Blackbeard's Realm

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